Version 3

Thanks to the feedback I was able to track down some bugs. Most importantly, this doesn't happen anymore.

This would happen if a Check and a Fifty-Move Rule would trigger simultaneously and it was the Computer's turn.

Otherwise I still have reports from a "Attempted to perform arithmetic on Field '?' (A nil value)"-bug. I couldn't reproduce it. But I've set up the code to still show the board state even if the game crashes. Maybe we can track down the bug that way. Any help with that would be appriciated! So if the game crashes please remember to take a screenshot and send it to me.

Also I'm collecting tips on how to reduce the token footprint. Will do a pass on the game eventually and hopefully squeeze some additional features in. Let me know which features I should prioritize. Currently, the list is:

  • Threefold repetition draw to avoid AI loops
  • An ability to bring up the menu when the AI is thinking

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