This is a Preview

This is a Discord-Exclusive preview for the Lazy Devs Roguelike tutorial. Please be so kind and do not distribute these files or links to this page on public spaces. But you are free download and modify the sourcecode for your presonal projects.

Feel free to try the game and give me some feedback on the gameplay in the Discord.


  • (X/M/V) - Inventory / Confirm
  • (Z/N/C) - Cancel


  • Knives are weapons
  • Aprons are armor
  • Forks/Spoons are throwable weapons
  • Food has mostly good effects, but sometimes it does bad things
  • Food names are randomly generated at the beginning of each run
  • You can throw food at monsters so they will eat it
  • You can't do nothing. Use doors and vases to manipulate your distance to monsters.
  • A "stunned" figure can't move for 1 turn
  • A "cursed" figure will recieve double damage the next time they get hit
  • A "blessed" figure will recieve half damage the next time they get hit
  • Blesses and curses disappear when you advance to the next floor
  • The Kielbasa is on the 9th floor

Made withPICO-8


Source Code 63 kB