Wurst Comes to Worst

Porklike is a classic, turn-based Roguelike with minimalist lo-fi aesthetic. Enter the tower of Wurstlord. Can you make it to the top and steal his legendary Kielbasa? 9 floors of dangerous traps and enemies await you. Only if you move carefully and master your character's abilities will you become the champion of Porklike.

The game is controlled with a Keyboard. On mobile devices an on-screen controller will show up.

  • X/M/V - Inventory / Confirm
  • Z/N/C - Cancel
  • Enter -Menu

Making Of

Porklike was written and designed by Krystian Majewski, an Independent Developer and the host of the Lazy Devs Academy video channel

The music was composed by Sebastian Haßler, a music composer for film, TV and videogames.

The environment art and some characters were inspired by the work of the pixel artist @pixelartm and used with their permission.

The artwork of the enemies was inspired by the work of the pixel artist @kirai_s and used with their permission.

The game is written entirely in Pico-8.

Porklike was created as part of a video tutorial series. If you want to make your own Roguelike, please check it out:

Join the Lazy Devs Academy Discord channel!

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(183 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tags1-bit, Dungeon Crawler, PICO-8, Procedural Generation, Retro, Roguelike, Roguelite, Singleplayer, Top-Down, Turn-based

Development log


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I think I can tell what half of the enemies are, but none of the ones on the first floor. In the second zone, we have scorpions, but I don't know what the second is. In the third zone, ghosts and frogs. But what are the other three?

How do I buy the cart.p8 for my handheld?

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Maybe through the Itch launcher? The launcher just downloads the web build, and some times the web build is just a wrapper for the actual game.

And the cart can be downloaded from the site of the engine's developer for sure:


Click on the pink and white "cart" (or the "cart" text besides it) on the bottom left of the web player and download the .p8.png image. That's the cart and is playable on the PICO-8 engine, so it possibly runs on emulators too.


It is not a 1-bit game.

Maybe it is a 4-bit game, because in 1-bit games have to use only 2 colors, but there is more than 2 colors. Ok? So this game isn't 1-bit game.

You can still apply different palettes to different elements on the screen, even if each element only uses 1 bit per pixel. It just means that each palette can only have two colors.

THis game is super.

Awesome game! Simple but still challenging with charming graphics :]


Do you happen to have the music as a separate file (eg mp3)? Thanks!

Very fun Old school-Roguelike game!

Looks amazing, but would you be able to add controller support as my keyboard doesn't have arrow keys


Two weeks ago, after many attempts, I managed to get "Kiełbasa". Today at 6 AM I had an amazing skill - I sat down, played once - a victory, then a second time - a victory, then right away again and miraculously for the third time in a row a victory. "Kielbasa" three times in a row. I am shocked! I am euphoric! Love game Porklike!

Wow, Amazing! Congratulations!

Great game, very simple but challenging.

Such a fun game!  Came here from the gb port made for the gameboy competition.  Love the design!

excellent roguelike! neat weapons, fun gameplay, hard as hell, great music. a pico-8 classic


please make it on tic-80! would really help :)

hey can you please make a Tic80 tutorial?


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Is a good game, but I already saw this tipe of game to many times, but I like that someone is chasing you, it makes the game more interresing, and I also like the light system. The pixel art is not that good but i kid of like it, idk.


Krystman! on our youtube please make a TIC-80 tutorial because i am too poor to get pico-8

tic-80: https://tic80.com/create

You can use the free Pico-8 Education Edition, link here: https://www.pico-8-edu.com/



-There was only one slime in the level with no buzz saws, pots, or chests. And there was nothing in plant rooms.

I wonder how far people have gotten in this game...


Can we get a downloadable version?


If you own Pico-8 you can find cart for this game here: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=37045

I don't even know what Pico-8 is, I'll look it up on Google later.

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Pico-8 is a simulated 8 bit microcomputer. It's kind of a programmers' learning tool, with a focus on game development. You can make chiptunes with it too. I think you can play most of the cartridges in your browser if you don't own Pico-8.


Ah, thank you.

Definitely recommend looking it up, there are a lot of gems.

You can download the game using the itch.io App.

I'm pretty sure I tried that but it didn't work.

A number if games don't work when downloaded from the itch Desktop application unless you also have a prerequisite application, driver, etcetera — and a number of titles don't download at all through the itch Desktop application at all due to filename limitations on windows and other errors.

But thank you for the suggestion, the attempted help is appreciated.

looks fine keep it going

loved it, exactly what i was looking for

Since there are odd tiles and even tiles, I think it's better to paint checkerboard pattern on the tiles.

I can't find the download link for the game

There is none. But you can play the game offline if you use the Itch.io App.



solid game 7/10


This is quite a room I have found myself in.

Dang! What floor was that if you remember?

unless you have several jumps/suplexes, a few bolts, and like, twenty spins, you're done for.

this game is great :)


This game is really hard!


one question : 'Enter the tower of Wurstlord. Can you make it to the top and steal his legendary Kielbasa?' 'kielbasa' is the polish word for 'sasuage'... are you from poland? but yeah, the game is a simple yet fun little roguelike. :)


Yes, I was born in Warsaw

Lovely game. Well done

The game is awesome, pretty simple and really addicting, good luck!

Super addicting!  Awesome game.  My only qualms are that Suplex really bites and damn those scorpions(?) that blind you.


Yeah suplex is less flexible. But you can suplex monsters into saws for massive damage and loot drop.

Scorpions won't cause blindness if you defeat them using abilities.

Both good things to know, thank you!

Awesome game! Keep working on it!! :)

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The aesthetic is really neat, and I'm always down for a bit of spicy randomness. However, there are times where this feels really stacked against the player. I'm sure part of this is my own need to improve how I use weapons, but there are a couple of areas where I wonder if the game has tilted a little too far:

1) There's no real way, that I can tell, to deal with enemies in diagonal squares. This isn't a problem when you have an enemy chasing you, but in a room with multiple enemies, it's super annoying. 

2) Map defogging seems really unfair.. Sometimes whole rooms reveal quickly, but if that room's got bitey plants in it, you can bet that you'll have to move through square by square and take damage that sometimes feels flat-out unavoidable (see image)

3) Blindness is very punishing. I wonder if it shouldn't be restricted to when you get hit by a scorpion, rather than having a random(?) chance of infliction when you hit and kill a scorpion.

1) That is true! Rooms with a lot of enemies are dangerous.

2) Yes, it's far from ideal. 

Explanation: There is one grass tile type that is covering line of sight (to your right in the image, that looks like a corn plant). It is true that it's a bit of a gamble. In this case you can safely move up because plants will never spawn in the a doorway. Also, by definition plants can't spawn adjacent to each other. It doesn't solve all situations but it helps sometimes. 

I hear you. I might redo that tile to indicate the blockage better. This system is on the list to iterate on in a sequel.

3) If it's any help, killing a scorpion with any ability will avoid blindness. You have to evaluate if it's worth it.

i died super frickin fast because i'm a sucky gamer uwu

but like it's pretty good! keep up the good work!

yeah, this is epic.


this music slaps


Wow this game ruuuules


Rogue-likes are fun.  This game is no exception.  Also, it's for the Pico-8.  I love that fictional system. 

Very ecxited to see how this turns out, looks great

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