Version 2 & 3

I just updated Porklike to Version 2. Here is the changelog:

==== Porklike: V2 ================================================
Gameplay - Improved pathfinding for mobs
Gameplay - Fixed a bug where items would drop on top of each other
Gameplay - Hook and Push now reveals ghosts
Gameplay - More consistent fog-of-war reveals
UI       - Damage floaty flashes red when player loses HP
UI       - Improved targeting arrow visibility
UI       - Targeting arrow avoids pointing outside of the map
UI       - Wurstchain is displayed in the inventory menu
Sound    - Changed sound for opening chests
Sound    - Added sound effect for using Suplex on an empty square
Misc     - Final floor now uses correct stairs tile

EDIT: Seems like the item drop issue wasn't fixed after all. Followed up with Version 3 where it is hopefully finally resolved. Sorry for the confusion.

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24 days ago

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