Version 1 - Release!

I am Krystian, the developer of Porklike. We have just successfully launched Porklike.

This game has been in development for quite some time. It originally started as a video tutorial series on how to make Roguelikes. Over the course of the year I've been making significant changes to that version of the game. The launch version that is playable here has evolved quite a bit.

I have recorded a longer video highlighting some of the differences. If you are struggling with the game it also shows off some tricks and strategies. Just be aware that the video contains some significant spoilers.


One feature that isn't well documented so far are the Wurstchains. I haven't written anything about that in the game's instructions since this is an end-game feature. I didn't want to confuse new players with it. If you beat the game you gain 1 Wurstchain. This is basically a winning-streak. The goal is to test how many times you can beat the game in a row. To avoid the game turning into a Marathon, your Wurstchain will be saved for a brief period. Immediatly after gaining a Wurstchain and returning to the start screen you can turn the game off. Your Wurstchain will be preserved and will be waiting for you the next time you play the game. However, once you open the chest on the ground floor you are committed to your next attempt. This is indicated by the color of the text displaying your Wurstchains. Once you commit, if you lose or quit the game you will lose your Wurstchains. The only way to preserve your Wurstchains is to beat the game again.

Feel free to post your highest scores!

Downloadable Version

Some people asked for a downloadable version. I might provide one in the future. But until then using the App works fine. It allows you to download the game locally and play offline.

iPad Version

The game is playable on mobile devices. If you load the page on a smartphone you should get on-screen buttons at the bottom of the screen. Currently it looks like this will not work on Tablets. If you want to play Porklike on a Tablet please try the Lexaloffle version of the game

If you experience any issues with the mobile version, please let me know.


I am currently gathering feedback on the game. So far I only have reports of mild glitches. I'm hoping to address them in an upcoming update.

The game will also released on Newgrounds and Kongregate - which is something I'm currently working on. I will post an update when this happens.

If you record a Let's Play video or Stream the game please post a link in the comments. I will be happy to share it on our Community!

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