High Stakes

Las Vegas 2024. Vampires have stolen almost all of your blood. Win your blood back by gambling it back.


  • Cursor Keys - Move cursor
  • X / M / V - X Button - Confirm, Flip Card
  • Z / N / C - O Button - Cancel


Every round you will be dealt 9 cards face-down. The goal of the game is to flip as many cards face-up as possible. There is one Vampire card and 8 value cards from 2 to 9 (no duplicates). If you flip the Vampire card you lose the round.

Complete rows or columns to unlock Hint Tokens.

A [+] hint token can be placed on a face-down card to predict its number. The token will display a number once placed. The value of the face-down card is that number or higher. Vampire cards count as 10. So a [8+] token means the card is either a 9, an 8 or a Vampire

A [<>] hint token can be placed on a face-up card to predict the numbers of adjecent cards. The token will display which face-down numbers have a higher or lower value. Vampire cards count as 10.

A [□] hint token will highlight a 2x2 area. The Vampire card must be in that area.

If you know where the Vampire card is you can use the Stake to stab it immediately.

Flipping a card will raise the stakes. If you flip over all cards or stab the Vampire the stakes will be added to your winnings. If you flip the Vampire the stakes will be substracted from your winnings.

Each match lasts 5 rounds.

Use the blood you win to unlock opponents with higher payouts. If you lose your blood your savegame will be wiped. You win the game if your reach 5000ml.

Beta Phase

Note that this game is still under development. Please inform me of any bugs of problems. Post screenshots if you can. Follow this entry for future updates. Thank you!


Updated 4 days ago
Published 7 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreCard Game
Made withPICO-8

Development log


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I really like this game, but I wish that the 2x2 hint didn't always maximize the number of hidden squares it covers.

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Great aesthetics, and very fun.

My one complaint: Would be nice if it mentioned the ability to pass in the description. Using that made the game feel so much more fair and interesting, and I almost missed that it existed at all.

Great gameplay, and I love the feel of the game.

The title image seems appropriate to the difficulty of the game and the symbolic irony of trying to beat a bloodsucker by wit or luck. You have to stake them in the heart because they should always outwit you. Either way, I'm terrible at cards and this is a very pretty game. Excellent work so far.


It's not a problem if your winning.


Is there a pattern, I feel very anxious when I'm about to pull the vampire card, and the feeling doesn't happen with the number cards. It might just be a coincidence.

Getting a vampire in the first couple of moves always feels a bit unfair, especially when it happens a few times in a row. Unless I'm misunderstanding the gameplay, there's nothing deductive you can do until you've filled out a column/row to get a hint.

I wonder if there's anything that could be done to give the player the occasional small edge in that scenario. For instance, perhaps a random unused hint could carry over into the next round? Or perhaps a parallel progression system/shop could let you trade some blood to tilt the odds gently towards you? (Roulette Knight does this pretty well) 

Maybe early vampires just move out of the way (reshuffle) on the second move.

Getting a vampire early sucks but also the stakes are extremely low, you don't lose a lot. 

"There's nothing deductive you can do" thaaaaaaaaaaat's gambling! Welcome to Las Vegas 2024 baby

I agree. I'm planning on giving more hints for the first turns. Thanks for the tip, I will Roulette Knight a go!

always love seeing stuff done in pico8, very rad game! kinda reminds me of the card flipping minigame in the johto pokemon games

Congrats, this was a great ideia! Art and sound also really great. Died on the first game after getting to the last vampire, unlucky... XD

If you get bad luck, much rage is to be had.

But if not, this is awesome!

Only realized the benefits of passing and early staking  after recording the video. Glad I got lucky anyways!

Also the game description is perfectly concise!!!

As is the reverse punnification of the title...

Thank you for playing my game Ivan. You captured a fantastic playthrough there! 


I love this interpretation of my cart design so much! The core hook of winning back your blood from vampires through gambling is so perfect, and these mechanics work so well together. I love narrowing things down and then feeling the thrill of deciding whether or not to use the stake. It all works so well! Thank you for making this!!

That was a really fun and difficult game (didn't help that I for some reason forgot how greater than lesser than worked lol) keep up the good work.

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I'm loving these colors...beautifully polished interface.  Excellent incarnation of the Famicase cart.

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Excellent as always! You always put together such nice games.