Beta 2 - Difficulty Tweaks

Thank you for all the warm feedback on the first version of High Stakes. As mentioned in the description, I intend to continue development on this game a little further. So your comments are valuable in charting my course.

I just uploaded Beta 2. Here are the changes:

  • Games against Vampire 1 and 2 now begin with [+] tokens already on the board. This is to alleviate situations where players would receive no guidance and uncover a Vampire early. This felt understandably frustrating.
  • Games against Vampire 1 now no longer have [□] tokens. This is to ease new players into the game with a smaller rule set.
  • Added credits screen. Skippable with any button.
  • Fixed a bug where players would be stuck watching the Blood indicator tick down if they started their first round too quickly. 

Additionally, here is a roadmap of the features I'm still planning to implement:

  • In-game tutorial and help tooltips
  • Double or Nothing Bonus Round if you win more than three rounds
  • Intro and Outro / Light narrative elements
  • Vampire Mode if you beat the game (Infinite Mode)
  • Final Vampire will have an increased difficulty to make him feel more like a final boss

Let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see!

- Krystian


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Yeah the game did feel slightly too random when I played it yesterday, so I'm glad you've added things that eliminate this randomness alot!