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Criminy this game is fun! At first I thought it seemed a little slow but when the ball goes up on top of the bricks it picks up quick! Love the powerups and the exploding bricks. I can play this one forever.

Challenging and fun. Great effects. Great feel. Great game!

The game is awesome but it would be better with some nice chiptune music

Well.. this is the first game of krystman.

It's my first Pico-8 game. I made games in other engines before.

Okay then, thank you!

ngl your video series helped me learn PICO-8 lol

Great game!

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I had 2 situations when ball was stuck in loop. One situation was resolved themself - when ball was bounced off from a wall, but second situation wasn't resolve themself - when ball was bounced off from player. But in general game is great. I spent some time with it. Thanks.

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GAMEPLAY PT-BR! I loved the game, congratulations to the creators. :)

Lazy Devs Academy is so good, thanks for making the videos!

can you add a .p8 or a .p8.png download?



I was dehydratred before playing this game, but there's so much juice in it that my thirst has been quenched. Love it <3

Really cool game, I was a big fan of the sound effects and particles

One of the best Breakout/Arkanoid clones I've ever played. The only thing I would like to see would be the ability to enter your initials onto the score table without having to complete the game.


That was very fun.  Is there anything the Pico-8 can't do?

I once saw chess with AI included in Pico-8 but the dev couldn't make it recognize 3-fold repetition and 50 move rule since they ran out of tokens

Pretty sure they got the 50 move rule tho

The game is good some of the levels feel weird for the setup, but all games have one or two part of levels that are little less functional or interesting. 

There’s a slight problem with the mobile controls, if you double tap a button, for example the left arrow, the browser will register that as a zoom, and zoom in.


Thanks! Yeah, the Mobile functionality is new. We're still ironining the bugs out. Sorry!

This was a really great tutorial series.  I was kind of frustrated at the fact that there's not that much documentation for TIC-80 other than the official wiki, but everything you went through in your PICO-8 tutorials was pretty easy to implement there as well.

Thanks. I will try to breach out to TIC-80 eventually.

Very nice love all the effects! :-)


Very well done. Nice, fun levels!


its good


I like it cuz you just smash blocks and watch them break and you can throw a ball so many times!

Good game !