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Necesito descargar este juego en mi teléfono y PC, es realmente fascinante y adictivo.

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hey i just want to ask why when i play the game on my phone theres no audio, i tried using 4 different browsers and theres still no audio, i also tried go to other games and they had audio so my browser is not the problem ( im an iphone user).

another thing is that for some reason the progress (on phone) randomly deletes that means i lose all the things i got from shop and i have to start throught the normal mode and tutorial

sorry for my poor english

Cute :)👍


I broke it.

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Whoops! Do you remember what you did before this happened?


My best infinite run, done over 5 days!


I want mai chan's buns



I AM ONCE AGAIN ASKING for a mobile port JISAJSJSJ <3 :p

So addicting! I already completed the game and now I just play in my free time

How cute…now I’m hungry! 

i cant read the url

Ah, thanks for letting me know. Should work now


Just discovered this game and I'm addicted


wow! so there is a GLARING mechanics issue that made it unplayable past maybe 2 rounds: you not being able to swap them like every other type of item matching game allows. I really suggest fixing this asap because otherwise this is just a game that is maybe playable for 3-5 minutes and then eventually you're stuck and that's that

Not quite how the game works, keep trying you'll figure it out. But if you REALLY do want a swap ability, you can unlock one in the shop.


Yeah no, it's completely luck reliant. My first draw was 3,3,2,3 for orders and I got immediately stuck after first move. This game needs better board generation to ensure there are always possible moves.

just a really positive vibe in this simple and cute game 


almost thought this meant something els

Just found this game, I'm in love with it! Super addictive, cute and delicious :D

such a cute game :<


pov: it gives you x1, x1, x2 and x3 of cupcakes when you've just started the round and you barely have any on the board XD


This was really cute and fun.


Hi! I'm wanting to take games made for GBJam and make them for Gameboy! Would I be able to get the assets and build for this? If possible, the GB studio project too? This would be for my own personal use :) 

there is no gb studio project because this is a pico-8 game!

the assets and code can be seen with the pico-8 console / devkit, under the cc by-nc-sa license which allows derived works but not commercial use


She´s so cute-


This game is very cute and simple, but it can get a bit difficult, which is a fun challenge. Definitely loved playing it!


Congrats on being the 9th best rated Casual Web Game!

Doesn't handle being on a different tab well, but other than that, pretty nice!

a  great game, with nice visuals and good mechanics! congratz! (and a BEAUTIFUL page)


Was I the only one that accidentally found this game while looking through porn?

uhmm wha-

pretty fun but kinda hard 4 my peanut brain tbh

I found this game completely by accident browsing through this live playlist. I really love it!

This is the sweetest thing I've ever played!

We played it over on our channel, Retromantics! 


If I had this on a portable game device I'd be stoke to play it, even here on the laptop it was fun but frustrating, a great experience for a game! 


If I'd had this on the Gameboy as a kid, I would have sat there and played for hours straight.


imagining a switch version one day with co-op...

man that would be good (but you do you, no worries about making any advancements here^^)

This is probably one of the best if not THE best pico 8 game I've played, ever. The sound, colors, design, it all works marvelously. Even without audio I can still hear the music playing, it's perfect.

If this were an app i would get it in a heartbeat (or as soon as i had money if it was paid)


Thanks! I am thinking about doing a bigger version of it one day so I'm glad to hear you think this would work. 


The name Mai-Chan gives me PTSD (DON'T LOOK INTO IT)

I heard about it. But also there are lots of Mai-Chan's around.


This is the best game I have come across on, no exaggeration. Totally addicting, adorable art and music. Gameplay is just challenging enough but not to the point that it feels impossible and frustrating. Excellent work!

Thank you for your kind words! I'm happy to hear you enjoy the game.

it would be good but just of the controls the controls are confusing for me and I can't click anything.

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Controls are explained in the game's description. It's not controlled by the mouse. You need to use the keyboard.

Thanks for sharing! I recorded myself playing this video game and uploaded the session on my gaming YouTube channel:

That's awesome! Thank you for playing my game!


I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCHHHHHH hope u can make available as an ios app game ;; <3 i would buy it so fast hehe 


Thank you! Might do one eventually. 


Great game! I wish you could get coins from playing infinite mode.


This game is really cute I wish I could download it into my computer


very cute game.


What's the multiplier for?


It multiplies the coins.

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