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This is surprisingly hard! Great work

Cool Game


It’s been 1 year. Are there any more updates coming or did you sadly pass away in a tragic accident?

Beautiful graphics and unique concept! This is cool man. Love the minimal approach!


the cosiness of this game is murdered by its incredibly hard difficulty. dev, please make it more playable for everybody 

15499 has no valid moves :( 

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What's the lowest number of moves someone's gotten? I think mine is 17

Edit: It's now 15 on seed 3900

Edit 2: It's now 13 on seed 7928

Wonderful graphics and game design!

16619 is impossible

It's a fun game, but to be completely honest I find it insanely inconvenient that there isn't a hot key to undo your moves. I don't like having to go into the start menu every time I want to undo a move.

OTHER THAN THAT I really love the aesthetic of this game and the use of pixel art! It's going into my favorites for sure!

Pico-8 only has two buttons. X and O.

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Found an unwinnable state for the second time… in a row. >.> (seed: 23707)
Fun chill game, though. from PICO-8 site


If you're able to get that close to finishing, it should still be doable! If you undid the last row you sent, you could likely switch around all the pieces to make it work

What a beautiful game! The music definitely helps with the ambiance, very peaceful


Is this possible? Seed 21746. None of the opening pieces connect and even if I send one to the halo, I still have no pieces I can link or add to the halo.

why does the last piece always fail to go in even though its correct?

is this free?

beautiful game


am i the only one who can't do this for the life of me??????


Beautiful calm game ;)


How does one put in seeds because 6629 messed me up for a little bit.

4154 was also a doozy

This game is deeply calming and has been helping me while I need to wait for some tough phone calls this afternoon. Thank you for making this, it's beautiful!

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It would be nice to have an undo or restart button that is clickable. Opening the menu kind of breaks the immersion, I feel like the character should almost open her eyes when I open it.

fun game!!

this game is soo calming and fun and very enjoyable  nice work.



Very good game and kinda relaxing but.. THIS. THIS IS IMPOSSABLE!!

You need to press undo until you get to the second halo, whilst there are always two functional sets left after the first halo, you need to have the right halo configuration or its unsolvable. My strategy is building the second and third halo at the same time using the free columns.

Really really like the music and the aesthetic. Found the puzzle hard but often doable with patience. Agreed it would be cool to see what you’d already solved!


Love the game. Good work Lazy Devs!


is it always solvable?


interestingly, this game is a lot like solitaire, which is a great game though not always solvable

wow it's a special and relaxing game!!

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Idk if I am just stupid but this game is so hard and I literally can't finish a single "halo". Game pissed me off 😭


you are

Wow, love this! Such a simple concept, but I found myself playing for a while because it was so relaxing. :) 

Hi, I hope you're doing well! 

I work on a product to make therapy for children and youth more engaging by integrating games and other fun activities. Would you have some time to chat about a partnership/integration?

Cool puzzle! 

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I love the concept for this, but it seems that sometimes you're handed layouts that are literally impossible to even start, like this one. There's no legal move I can make to actually start the game, which is frustrating.

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you can use the halo from the start. Like a free column except you cannot take them back from halo so you need to be careful.

What about -

- drag y4 (yellow 4th column) to halo

- y4 to g1

- g1 to b4 -- the blue square piece.

- now drag all 4 of those pieces to the halo also to join with the yellow piece already there

- fairly sure with some shifting the rest could be solvable.

--- you would then have the following in the halo

I didn't even know you could put single pieces in the halo, that's good to know, thank you!



This is awesome!

So I could play this portably, is there any way we can get a copy of the .p8 files? Maybe as an option for a proper purchase? 

No pressure though! This is real fun as is! :D


You can download it via Pico8 Splore also here

You could get P8.PNG there also

very relaxing. very nice

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Is it possible to get stuck? I guess so 

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looks so good! genuis experience

Great relaxing game, after a while the music gets unsettling though.
Would like to turn off the music but keep the sound.

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