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the fact that the player just laughs at game over is really sweet, it fits very well with the memories you described under 'But what does Sanki mean?' 

surprisingly addictive too..

Incredible game thank you for making this!  Lots of fun!





Imagine walking back up this hill

Lol true...

It's like Alto's Odyssey and Alto's Adventure, but for browser! This is great!


there was a weird glitch where the hill was straight and went slope once or twice....

pls fix

i will be playing this FOREVER (even in summer lol)


I've been addicted to this game since its launch, probably because of the timing where I met it, it was a very cool experience.

This is a really cozy and cute game! :D

It's like altos adventure I love it

i love it

-Made a Video.

-The Game: 01:17 (The 2nd Game)


That was simple and fun.  Another great Pico-8 game.


On my first crash, I laughed at the same time the little character started laughing! Perfectly simple concept to bring a smile to the face :)



Even though, the happy holidays are over, it gave me joy today. =)


Fantastic, and I really love that the little guy starts laughing when the game ends!


This is such an amazing game Krystian. 
The "feel" of the snow, nailing the landings, the music.

Just pure fun - a perfect entry. 👏😊


omg XD this was amazing

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That's sweet~ Happy Holiday!